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In The New update,
Removed Herobrine?!?!?!

(Not me anymore)
New Me!
Army Steve!
I made this skin with the template of the default (Steve)

(click to zoom)
But what do I need them for?


  1. general, even though i don't uptate minecraft at all in gutowskia2, i do know that it says removed herobrine in every update.
    also, i think that it is a good idea to show some pictures of origial gutowskia!

    1. I tried but I couldn't find the screenshots I took in my files...

  2. my brother knows your password. he told me it is ................-. oh wait a minute! he only told me that they were a bunch of little stars and not the acctual thing- OH CRAP! i don't really know it then, and everytime i get on i have to ask my brother (fugicrafter), for the passwo- yeah, i,i don't really..... know..... uhem, . .
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  3. you need them for trading with villagers.