Pictures of stuff (glitches, my animals, random stuff, etc.)

Hello! this is a page of pictures. nothing more to say.

This is just one result of an old glitch

This is another result of the same glitch

This happens when you are underwater and change animals then come to the ladder

This happens when you do the same thing but on land

Of course the Temple of Zios glitch

The canyons pathway glitch

Me dancing on water

Dancing on water again

A glitch that used to happen when you lay down with specific clothing when penguins first came out.

The castle den glitch

This is just a crazy thing that happened (and I do not have an animal named Princess Orangemountain :P)

this is just a random den I went to when they said "plushie mueseum at my den" the user is bugum

This happened once when trying to buy the heart antlers

Castle den glitch

My storage account (this is an old picture)

This is a strange thing that happened on my storage account (even older than the last picture)

Another one of my animals that looks just like General.

a buddy glitch

Two pictures of the same glitch

The Mount Shiveer glitch

You may ont have noticed this but it says "lenth" instead of "length"
This is Creature Spookywolf's new look

I have a lot more pictures but I don't feel like putting more right now.


  1. What is the name in the buddy glitch that is "XxFreeSpiritxXwan-"?

  2. for some reason, animal jam has been super slow lately. even on my fast computer. it is SO annoying!

  3. i have a cold today in real life you should see the pile of tissues!