Saturday, March 31, 2012


OK people. I'm going to say how I really feel. I hate people who discriminate people as being in an elite class of "rare" and/or "famous" I'm considering quitting because of this reason. I just... let me explain in German. ICH HASSE DER VERRUCKT SOHNS DER EIN ******... sorry about that. I bleeped out that one part because of it being... lets just say, not something you'd say in Germany. I really think this way. I'm sorry people who don't act this way, sorry the innocent ones have to see this. I did say I wouldn't post again until Wednesday. -sigh- just... if you see me on Animal Jam, just try to be nice to me.

Spring Break!

Hello! Today marks the first day of Spring Break for me. I'm leaving to Ohio on Sunday and will be there until Tuesday. This will probably be my last post until Wednesday, so bye!
P.S. Look back at the post 'Break', I put an update.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Crazy party and glove trading

Hello! I was at a HUGE Trading party at Fishyfish1's den
I came with my Legend Glove. traded for a Dragon Glove, Traded for a Lava Glove, Then ended with this Mummy Glove

Crazy trading...

Thank you

Hello! I'm here to say thank you to bigmac215
They gave me a cactus item for nothing!
Thank you so much Chief!

Egg hunt prize and !ytraP slooF lirpA

Hello! There is a new party. the ytraP slooF lirpA (April Fools Party)
The Egg Pedestal is the prize for winning the Egg Hunt

Has anyone seeing this found the owl in Sarepia yet?

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Stuff gone and Jester Hats

Hello! Sorry for posting so late. All the Lucky Day stuff is gone, and all the clearance stuff is gone.
 Jester Hats are also back.
Octopuses are here
April's member gift will be a Hot Cocoa Machine

You can write your own Jam-A-Grams now
and egg hunts

and a jouney book for Sarepia Forest

and a Horses Only Party

there is also a pet game called disc toss.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Blogs gone?!?!

Hello! horrible news. Two of my favorite blogs  have been shut down Including Royal78's (popingfunlol) animal jam dash is gone!
This one probably makes more people sad... Pangaea A.K.A Omnipotence A.K.A Wando20. their blog is gone too...


Hello! well there isn't any new items or anything but I just got a legendary glove.
I'm also going to make a page for contests.
(mostly math stuffs)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Snow machine and more

Hello! Sorry I didn't post earlier.
The snow machine
I've also added new moderators including my really good friend, saying
He's dressing like Sparty the Michigan State mascot
He also made an animal like me.
I also added more friends as moderators

That's all for today

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Well, I'm oficially back

Hello! I'm officially back. *Non-Animal Jam news- I hurt my arm playing baseball earlier today.*

There's a new den item called the snowy paw prints.

I've also switched my den to my Halloween themed restuarant
That's all for today

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Hello! er.. I know that this blog probably gets less than 5 views a day and it's kind of a waste of time for me. I'm going to take a break from blogging. There is a 55/45 chance I'll be back. I'll say if I'm quitting for good. I'll turn off comment moderation for now. Goodbye very few people seeing this. I may or may not see you again. It's more likely I will be blogging again.

*update* OK just to set this straight, I DID NOT make this site to be "famous" I made it to inform people and see what my friends want to say. I can never say that I have a blog on Animal Jam anymore because whenever I do people would say stuff like "wow your such a wannabe." That kind of thing INFURIATES ME! People just need to stop being jealous and get on with things other than hurting others. Hating needs to stop. I'm not doing Animal Jam for "rares" either. I trade sometimes, but I'm on Animal Jam to talk to my friends when not around them.

Friend Hacked!

Hello! My friend, werocker435, told me (and I kind of noticed) that he was hacked. He also told me who did it, but I don't want to start rumors if it's not true. He lost his fox hat and lots of his member items. Also my buddy popingfunlol was hacked on their user called Royal78 .They also have a blog.

I'm back!

Hello! I'm back from the best 4-5 days of my entire life!

I did everything! swimming, parasailing (a bit frightening), er... can't really think of anything else but, it was great! I missed a lot though...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Major additons

Hello! about Crystal Sands, there is a new building. Tierney Thys's Aquarium!

This is the main area

This is the Tidepool game, you can win plushies from it. (there are more plushies than this)

This is the theater

Also, when I went to get some cocoa, I saw Clover earmuffs are back.

Jellyfish pets are here.

The next animal has been confirmed as an octopus.

I also found a mistake in the Jellyfish info. Where it's supposed to "length" it says "lenth"

There is a new party called the Wolf only party

and there are lots of items on clearance. Including the Elf Cuffs.
[REMINDER] I am leaving to Florida tommorow.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Important info

Hello! Sorry this is a really short post and a short notice, but I'm going to Florida on Friday and I will be gone for about a week.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Rare monday

Hello! Today is Monday and everyone knows what that means,
Rare Monday! and this Monday's is...

The Viking Hat!

In some ways I like Rare Mondays because of future trading but it also decreases the value of items.

General out. (that's from my new blog. It's top secret... WAS top secret)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Epic Dens Mistake

Hello! When I was on today I noticed something very strange...

I really like Ke$ha songs, so I just went to keshaisawesome16's den

Then when I tried to go there it said it was locked.
That is really strange...

Sponge welcome mat

Hello! There is a new item called the sponge welcome mat.

And I was on Epic Dens again.

And there is a new Coral Canyons sky glitch

and a new Mount Shiveer sky glitch (much harder to do than the Coral Canyons one)

Also when I came on today, I had 20 jam-a-grams, and At least 15 were buddy requests.
That's all for today.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

More to the snow collection

Hello! there are more snow items.
like the Ice Garden


this isn't that new or part of the snow collection, but I really like it (and want one)

Well that's all for now.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Lots of stuff

Hello! First of all there is lots of new items. Like the snow den items. (Have you noticed that I never seem to have any gems?)

and an underwater clover capes/skirts

I also got an item called the Scary Bell Hat. What was strange about it was that someone traded it for my tail armor.

I also saw this person, on my secret account, that said "recording at my den." I went there and wondered what they meant. When they got back, they said "trade me red panda plushie to get clicked." Of course, it was a scam. And they had no idea who I was.
Lastly, I saw someone who was doing the Jamaa Township wall glitch. They weren't there long enough to get a pic. I didn't know it was back.
More on that story later.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Castle Den Glitch

*WARNING* This Glitch doesn't work anymore.
Hello! One thing, my computer works right again. Second, I'm going to add comment moderation because my brother (jacklot) keeps threatening that he'll tell people my secret account. Third, some of you may already know how to do this, but these are steps of how to do the castle den glitch. (you need an arcade game in a certain spot, I used Gem Breaker, but any game works)
Step 1
First you must be on the tower. When you're there click the post that is down on the ground. You start moving.
Step 2
You need to click the game while runnning.
Step 3
When the game screen comes up go to rules then X out of rules. You will still be moving and need to stop yourself but when you do, you will be on the wall.
Happy glitching!