Saturday, January 26, 2013

My story

I think I'll make long posts like this every Saturday.
Here's my story.

At school when I was in 5th grade, saying told me about Animal Jam.
So when I got home, I made an account.
I was just starting learning German so I decided to make it something like that.
Nachtdervolfe12345. (Don't remember where the 12345 came from)
It means Night of the Wolf.
So I logged in for the first time on October 11th 2011 at 5:50 pm.
I didn't really know what to do so I just clicked random stuff.
I went into the shop and bought some Scary Horns.
I still have those same horns today.
I thought they were so awesome. I always pretended to be a zombie or something.
This is what I used to look like.
After I realized I wasn't so awesome,
I kind of begged a lot..
and cheated people out of their items...
I wasn't a good person on Animal Jam.
I got a few good items, like clovers, freedom stuff, some member stuff.
That's when I begged and begged for a membership.
Eventually I got a lion membership.
I thought I was so cool for a while but I wasn't satisfied again.
I needed free chat.
By that time this is what I looked like.

I ended up making my own parent dashboard and giving my self free chat.
I started getting more and more of what I wanted, Clover blankets, claw machines, ghosts.
I still wasn't satisfied.
One day when I was getting to Animal jam.
and I saw Fuzzy Shyivy's Animal Jam Rush.
I went there and loved it.
It inspired me.
I had to have a blogger account.
I kept asking my parents if I could and they wouldn't let me.
I looked at more and more sites.
Run by MisterArcticClaw.
It was the best site I had ever seen.
I commented a lot.
It was fun,
Then MisterArcticClaw changed to XxFreeSpiritxX
They got scary famous.
I felt famous too for knowing them.
I realize that that was selfish now.
I finally got to use my dad's blogger account. (It's the one I use now)
On March 6 2012 I made my first post.
It was fun.
By this time I looked like this
My Current look.
It was fun making posts, talking to my friends when I wasn't near them.
Then it was getting to be too much.
I couldn't keep up the demand of my site.
I started making some videos but never finished any.
I realized I couldn't commit.
I quit my site. I joined Youtube.
Posted my first video some time in November.
Didn't get many views.
After quitting, Animal Jam just wasn't as fun. I started trading again, I got a few bow and arrows and fox hats
I started making a lot of other accounts and tried to make a secret blog.
All my attempts failed.
I had to come back.
I've been posting but the post have just not been interesting.
And here we are now.
I kept getting less and less interested in this.
I quit the blog at 12:17 pm
February 16 2013.

I might still play Animal Jam some but not nearly as much.


  1. Wow, so touching, and don't worry about everyone neglecting you you calling you a menace. And I have to admit, I was sort of a slut too. I begged as well. But right now, I don't care about the rares that are really pixels

  2. wow, dude kind o' depressing, but you told me your grand scheme and I know whats going to play out from this point on.