Jokes/ riddles/ failed insults/ jokes. XD

Jokes 'n' Stuff
1st person: "Hey, you goin' to the movies?" 2nd person: "Yes." 1st: "Then why are you p- oh"

Brother: "Whatcha doin'?" Me: "What does it look like I'm doing? I'm playing video games incase you lost your vision overnight."

Me: "What the what?" -brother walks out of room- Brother: "What?"  Me: "I thought you'd never wake up!"

Brother: "Who's your favorite-"  Me: "Do we have to go through this again? I said Alex Gordon the last few times!"  Brother: "No you said Billy Butler the first time then Hanley Ramirez then Brandon Inge."  Me: "Yeah what you said."

-continues playing Call of Duty: World at War-
Me: "Oh come on where did he- What! oh snipers! aw dang it they got me."  Brother: "I'm standing right here."  Me: "Yep. Come on, come on... YES! Headshot!"


  1. um, i don't understand half of those jokes/riddles/failed insults XD.although you are very much smarter than me at baseball,math,call 'o' duty,stuff,star wars ,ETC.

  2. this is not a dri-i-ive by i like this song

  3. ohh but tht one night

  4. sorry if i am flooding the comments