Hello! This is a page for videos, some are mine.
This is a stop motion video I made
It's a bit hard to follow, but it was my first stop motion video ever...
My friend saying helped me make the background.

Back in Black (Animal Jam Version)
No more videos right now.


  1. WOW!i must've wandered into the other room to play lego indiana jones on the ps3 when you added a bunch of other stuff!oh and by the way,i had no idea what so-ever that you had a temper as short as that!poor lmfao guy.

    I'M STUPID AND I KNOW IT is what he should be singing after making Darth Vader go vurrkt

  2. have you put the randomness video on yet?

    1. I've been trying but it says that there is an error processing it...

  3. It doesn't let me put videos with music on here...

  4. ok i was on home page, when i noticed a bunch of questions. i can answer most of them. ok. for a song, party rock anthem. people to be in the video, me mario84309, and my brother, saying. third, i dont know when you will stop asking questions. forth, your favorite baseball team is the kansas city royals. fifth, your favorite color is blue. and i think that is all. bye now. oh wait!
    i noticed that when you go to the home page, there is no more commenting slot things like what i am typeing in right now. that is all.

  5. Goodbye nachtdervolfe12345. It's too late. My last ride was July 29th. Nice knowing you.

  6. her general vonwolf it's me werocker435 sorry i havent for a long time but my cousin a new site called fantage

  7. Hey GENERALVONWOLF it's me werocker435 i made a new account called NINTENDO4. Please buddy me and i will use NINTENDO4 for now on.

  8. the first video's background was inspired by Jurassic park. that lmfao guy was Actually insPired by two lego People. On that Night Dus- I mean generAL was playing the playstation 3 while I was thEre