My amazing buddies!

This is a page dedicated for my amazing buddies.

Right now it is just a list of my best buddies
#1. Is saying. He is undoubtedly my best buddy. (and I know him for real.)

#2. Is mario84309. Another one of my buddies that I know for real.

#3. Is werocker435. Together we have done many things.

#4. Is shivayopup. The most waffle-crazy and funniest person in all of Jamaa.

#5. Last of my best buddies is Calvinb123. He's been looking forward to this ^_^. A very creative jammer.


  1. add me it is werocker435 other buddies

  2. you forgot meh!

    -Purplelovewolf51278 AKA Popingfunlol

  3. please add me i am mommyisthebest and werocker435 is my cousin

  4. soon du..i mean general, we will do a great many things withme as an admin..............if only i can remember my google account e-mail address and password.....

  5. merry christmas general von wolf ;)