Monday, May 7, 2012

Huge scammer group

I just found a very big scammer group.
The leader is joy19810
Known members are:
and there are probably many others.
please report all of these people.
They are:
proud of scamming
masterstan scammed a top hat
joy19810 scammed a leaf necklace, a bug mask, a medusa mask, a legendary glove, and lots of other things.
This is all the info I have at the moment. Please report all these people and do not trust any of them.


  1. no need to fear! i hate scammers. i will report them right away!

  2. Well. I never! They are BIG-TIME scammers! especially joy. Any way, i will report them and look out for them. =)
    Don't be a scammer, be a jammer!

    -Princess Snowymoon ( nonmember )

  3. it is so sad! today, i was scammed of a very special item. my reindeer hat. i was scammed by someone by the name of JELLOROCKS. i needed help finding a thing in coral canyons, and he said that he could help. so i went to his den. then, he told me to exept a trade first. i couldn't see what he wanted to take my reindeer hat, so i said yes. the next thing i know, they're gone. then he said, " geuss what? that is still for sale and you just gave me a rare." and then he said," oh and by the way,i wont help you." and here's the worst part, he put MY reindeer hat on his trade list for other people to take. so his name is JELLOROCKS. please report him until he is banned.

  4. Im not a scammer y is my name on the list...

  5. Im not a scammer y is my name on the list...

  6. Hi i'm puppy21749. They're usernames dont really look like scammers but im going to report then anyway. Sorry for ur bad spelling.

  7. 20sam34 scammed me :( she took my legend and other items and then tried to scam me again by saying: my table for your tail and ill give you your stuff back. she cant be trusted and should be reported until she's banned!
    - runpony

  8. please pue down pawsarerare she scammed my dragon love and aall my rares