Friday, July 20, 2012

New stuff

Ok let's get to the pictures.
Foxes are here.

Donations! When Animal Jam gets 100 Million gems, Monkeys will come back.

Turtles will be new pets. Another pet that is also an animal.

There's a den store and settings. The settings are very helpful.

Everyone is arguing that foxes are taking over Jamaa and saying that Foxes are evil and don't care about other animals.
I did get a fox and I like it but I have 7 wolves...

1 comment:

  1. no offense at all i am serious no offense, but...FOXES SUCK!!!!!!!!i am only saying this because i perpetuate steriotypes.except for general vonwolf, i have not met ONE NICE FOX AT ALL!!!!at first i hated wolves because they were jerks.but yeah, foxes, i hate foxes.
    (oh and i think thesafari07 is taking over your blog) no offense at all the safari 07 if you're reading my message to general