Thursday, October 25, 2012

Jamaa Journal Volume 76

Lots o' stuffs today.
150th post!
First an advertisement for Arctic Wolves.

Day of the Phantoms, bla bla bla
And a new non member animal?
Not sure if I did that right but it sort of looks like a turtle.
New dolphin game.
Alpha Spotlight!
This sends you to,
I hope they do this with all the other 'Alphas'
Nice excuses AJ...

at Jam Mart Clothing
Monster Teeth
Unique and interesting...
And the return of an old item,
Yeti Mask
I've always liked this item but it usually looks terrible on wolves (7 of my animals are wolves).

And Yes I am back!


  1. what template do you use for your blog? :3

  2. okay three things
    1 who are you Emme Nowell?
    2 your back in black!
    3 thank you for letting me become your next admin