Sunday, November 25, 2012


Hey Guys! Its me TheSafari07! I know you guys haven't seen me posting on here that much, but i still check this blog as much as i can because i love it! This post is also a reply to General. I wanted to say that if all of you guys want me to, i will run this blog. With Generals friend saying if he wants to :) If saying wants to run this blog on his own, thats his choice to since he and general are like best friends. But i hope General you don't quit animal jam. I would miss you so much :( But if you do and i may not see you again, i hope you have a good life and thank you for being an author for my blog, The Animal jam Crazy and thanks for being a good friend :)
I don't know whats going to happen to this blog..... I want it to stay up even if it has NO authors. Just for the memories you know???? This blog will be one of the best ones in my opinion. I just hate to see it go down hill. But thats Generals choice and i respect that.
Well i have to go so General, please tell me whenever you can whats going to happen.
Happy Jamming everyone.

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