Saturday, June 30, 2012


Hello again!
I noticed that I have a lot of extra items...
so I'm going to have contests! (I got the idea from Animal Jam Flash)

The prize for this contest is:
A Gecko Plushie

Question 1.
What was the Rare Monday Item on March 5th?

Question 2.
What is the item on the back of my wolf, Creature Spookywolf?

Question 3.
Name 5 animals that are in the Crystal Reef Journey book.

Question 4
Name 4 item that have a special color.

Question 5
What was the first member gift?

Please comment with your username.

Also this happened after I came to my den when I was at the penguin party.


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  2. Number 4 means an item that has a color that is no longer available or was never for sale.

    ~General Vonwolf

  3. 1. scary cat hat (brought in hot cocoa hut)
    2. black bow and arrow
    3. lobster, stingray, pufferfish, clownfish, humpback whale.
    4. worn blankets
    5. member gloves

    my username on animal jam is kenya999

  4. scary cat hat
    brought in hot cocoa hut
    black bow and arrow
    lobster stingray pufferfish clownfish humpback whale
    worn blanket
    member gloves
    username: blackyoshi15
    check my den out

  5. 1. Scary cat hat bought in hot cocoa hut

    2. White sword

    3. whale pufferfish acorn barnical marlin flownder

    4. Worn blankents and Rare monday items ect.

    5.member gloves

    P.S you did the barbacue glitch