Monday, June 25, 2012

Rare item Monday and other items!

Hey Jammers! Its TheSafari07 here! Today is Rare Item Monday! This weeks Rare is Freedom cape!
You can get this item on the 2nd page and everyone can get this item! Even non members!
There is also a few more items that came out this week.
In Bahari Bargains, there is a mermaid Necklace that you can get!
In jam mart furniture, there is a star rug! Everyone can this item too! This item fits perfect for this time of year.
Also at Bahari Bargains, you can get a sand dollar Necklace. This item looks really interesting.
And at the Penguin only party, there is a new item which every animal can get. Penguin mats!!
Anyway, make sure you get all these cool items!!
See ya later jammers!

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