Thursday, March 8, 2012

Castle Den Glitch

*WARNING* This Glitch doesn't work anymore.
Hello! One thing, my computer works right again. Second, I'm going to add comment moderation because my brother (jacklot) keeps threatening that he'll tell people my secret account. Third, some of you may already know how to do this, but these are steps of how to do the castle den glitch. (you need an arcade game in a certain spot, I used Gem Breaker, but any game works)
Step 1
First you must be on the tower. When you're there click the post that is down on the ground. You start moving.
Step 2
You need to click the game while runnning.
Step 3
When the game screen comes up go to rules then X out of rules. You will still be moving and need to stop yourself but when you do, you will be on the wall.
Happy glitching!


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