Friday, March 9, 2012

Lots of stuff

Hello! First of all there is lots of new items. Like the snow den items. (Have you noticed that I never seem to have any gems?)

and an underwater clover capes/skirts

I also got an item called the Scary Bell Hat. What was strange about it was that someone traded it for my tail armor.

I also saw this person, on my secret account, that said "recording at my den." I went there and wondered what they meant. When they got back, they said "trade me red panda plushie to get clicked." Of course, it was a scam. And they had no idea who I was.
Lastly, I saw someone who was doing the Jamaa Township wall glitch. They weren't there long enough to get a pic. I didn't know it was back.
More on that story later.

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