Thursday, March 15, 2012

Major additons

Hello! about Crystal Sands, there is a new building. Tierney Thys's Aquarium!

This is the main area

This is the Tidepool game, you can win plushies from it. (there are more plushies than this)

This is the theater

Also, when I went to get some cocoa, I saw Clover earmuffs are back.

Jellyfish pets are here.

The next animal has been confirmed as an octopus.

I also found a mistake in the Jellyfish info. Where it's supposed to "length" it says "lenth"

There is a new party called the Wolf only party

and there are lots of items on clearance. Including the Elf Cuffs.
[REMINDER] I am leaving to Florida tommorow.

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  1. can you please tell about my sensei jellyfish